5 Interesting Tiling Patterns

Tiles are great interior installations. Whether used for walls or flooring, it brings intricate details to the space. Get inspired by the age old tiles with its modern design twists.

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Subtle Angle


Quaint and almost delicate, rhombus shaped tiles in white gives a different perspective when observed from different angles. This tiling is simple yet, shows off an intricate design.

Bold Waves


For the dauntless, this unique turquoise coloured wall tiling is great as a statement. It create a focal point without the feeling of being overwhelmed.

Half Baked Ideas


Nobody set any rules for how tiles should be laid. For that matter, odd shaped tiles can be laid in awkward manners. It does not have to fill up the entire wall space.

Quilted Floors


Who says the flooring have to be in a boring one toned shade? You can opt for a quilted pattern for the most intricate flooring.

Artistic Octagons


Simple, yet intricate. It is never easy when it comes to piecing together tile patterns. Mixing tile designs can bring an otherwise neutral space into one of great artistic value.