Decorating An Open Concept Home

One might feel that staying in an open concept space may lack privacy. This space shows how privacy can be respected with ingenious designs while providing appreciation for the eclectic.

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Geometry and Symmetry

When it comes to design, white schemed spaces are great to work with. Its light and neutral characteristics mean that patterns and colours can be emphasised without overwhelming the space.

Customised Menu

A way to make a space appear interesting is through the use of unconventional materials. A storage space with a chalkboard gives off a whimsical casual feel for this counter dining area.

Proper drapes

Open concept spaces means that every functional space can be easily accessible without much hindrance. The lack of dividers does not mean that privacy should be forsaken. Hanging up draw curtains can help get around this issue.

A game of tiles

Tiled bathrooms do not have to be boring. Create your very own crossword puzzle on your walls for an interesting take on the conventional design.

Opening up

An open concept living space means that homeowners can easily get to different parts of the space easily. When creating an open concept space, it is important to keep 80% functional furnishing and 20% d├ęcor for a clutter free home.