Runner's High

Speaking about décor, table and floor runners are often the least of one's mind. Just like carpets and rugs, runners provide more than just a décor to the space, it has an ability to create illusions. The only question is, 'where do we put it?'

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Measuring design

When decorating a dining surface, why not take away the centrepiece and place a table runner instead. This simple décor brings equal emphasis to everyone on the table.

Leading in

A runner placed at the foyer helps to draw attention, while subtly leading guests into the home. An elaborate runner does signify a taste for an eclectic design.

A taste for Simplicity

Kitchens have a tendency to be difficult to decorate as it is mainly a functional space. To add some spice, a runner might be choice. It can add variation especially to neutral schemed spaces.

More Personality

Most decor are placed above eye level, but one should not neglect the decorating the floor. In minimalistic spaces, a runner can enhance the space, making it a friendly space.

Upgrading the space

Intricately designed runners can help to make a space appear more lavish. It gives an impression of a wide space, while adding some personality.