Crates for Storage and Decor

Crates are used to store all sorts of knick-knack. Often tucked away in a corner, this usually hidden storage system is beginning to see the light of day. Discover how crates can be used for an interesting storage and décor.

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Lining the crates

Crates are used mainly for storage purposes. Painting the base of the crates and lining them on the wall makes for a chic, contemporary art piece.

Stacking game

When one has plenty of crates of varying size, stacking would be a great idea. This allows for a makeshift shelving for storage, or just simple a surface for décor pieces.

Organised display

When one has plenty of accessories, crates make for a great display case. Adding a mirror and various wall décor can enhance this vanity area.

Making an Entrance

On foyers or vignette, one can make use of tiny crates or boxes to form a stack. This acts as a focal point, and at the same time provide additional surface for décor items.

Mixing the shapes

Rectangular crates can be boring. When decorating a wall, consider mixing with boxes of various shapes or colours for a multi dimensional, yet interesting space.