Inspiring Workstations

When it comes to work stations, it is ever so important to have an inspirational board to keep track of all your ideas. While it is practical, why not steer towards a more decorative mood board to spark creativity?

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Wood Boards

For those who prefer the unpolished look, consider a wooden board to pin up all your latest ideas and inspirations. Place your mood board on the floor for a casual look.

Washi tape it

Washi tapes are a type of sticky tape with patterns on it. Often used to wrap presents, this stationary can be used to put up all thought provoking quotes and ever design ideas. This tiny detail is simply a charmer.

Back to the core

Industrial concepts value the unpolished, 'back to basics' look. For such work spaces, consider using a wire rack to put up all your plans and schedule. What makes it interesting is that you can choose to hook or peg your ideas.

Set a focus

Workspace should promote a sense of focus and concentration. Create a focal point in your work space by incorporating a frame as your mood board.

Tools of the trade

Being well organised help to increase efficiency during work. Setting up a pegboard allows easy reach for your tools, but also ensures that everything is where it is supposed to be.