Maintaining Bedroom Privacy

Whether in open concept spaces or not, when it comes to the sleeping area, some prefer to have more privacy than others. Here are various tips on creating a place of quiet solitude.

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Traditional Means

If one has the luxury of a high ceiling, installing curtain poles on the ceiling is a subtle way of providing privacy. Fabric cascading down from the ceiling gives off a refined look.

Sleek Sheen

For minimalist spaces, design elements should be kept simplified. Privacy can come in the form of a glass partition with a chiffon fabric. This will keep the overall design seamless and polished.

Barn house Inspirational

Away with traditional doors, and in with sliding doors. Barn styled doors provides an interesting alternative to partitions, while providing a rustic touch.

Functional Partition

With space constraints, creating a functional partition allows for extra storage and decor. It can also hide your rest area discreetly.

Makeshift Design

While a curtain pole can make for a wonderful hideaway, a makeshift wiring for your curtain creates a casual retreat. The best part? It can be easily assembled.