5 Decorating Tips for Easter

Easter is a celebration of the coming for Spring. One can start to breathe in the fresh breeze and take in the fresh sights offered by newly sprouted plants. Bring the beginning of spring into your home with these tips for Easter.

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Take the bright route


Welcome the coming for Spring with bright colours in your space. For those with a preference of muted tones, opt of pastel colours to draw a softer effect.

Figures and figurines


Ornaments are crucial when decorating a space. For Easter, animal such rabbits, fawns and chicks can liven up the space. When doing so, it is important to complement with flowers.

Decorated Eggs


Eggs are important when it comes to decorating the space for Easter. Instead of a just placing plain eggs, why not opt to have decorated silk dyed eggs or simply hand draw patterns for a chic look.

On a pedestal


To make thing interesting, eggs can be placed in a unique planter, while small plants can be placed into egg cartons. This simple DIY is bound to get guests talking.

Flowers and plants


What is Spring without flowers? For a fresh take, flowers can be placed inside an intricate bird cage. This works wonderful whether it is hung or or as a a table centrepiece.