Decor for the Wanderlust

Most individuals would love to drop everything and go on an escapade around the world. This wanderlust spirit can be brought to life through various home décor inspirations. Perhaps these design ideas can inspire a memorable voyage.

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Framing Landmarks

For individuals with a bucket list full of landmarks to visit; it can be translated as a wall feature. Framing images of landmarks can spark motivation, as well as adding a worldly perspective to the space.

Affair with globes

Collectors of globes are obviously in love with the idea of travel. For a harmonious look, the collection can be placed together. This décor should be complemented with ornaments, books or even plants for a well rounded, chic look.

Trunks for the jetsetter

Vintage trunks brings the distant memory of the booming aviation industry of the 70s. Creating a wall of shelving with trunks encourages a love for exploration and new discoveries.

Mapping things out

Spark the spirit of exploration in the young ones through a world map. Bring the world atlas to life with bright colours and interactivity through country specific animals.

Put it out there

Nothing says as much than the displaying of items and curiosities from your latest travels. It brings a 3 dimensional personality to the space through the intricacies of each ornament hailing from a distant land.