Multi Dimensional Wall Decor

When remodelling an interior space, the walls play a large role towards the direction of the design. While colour schemes have an ability to create ambience, well selected décor pieces hints at the personality and at time, proportion of the space. Find out how dimensional wall décor can provide a multi perspective view of the space.

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Geometrical Gems

Minimalistic and without any complications, this geometric wall ornament finds an easy fit with neutral colour schemes. For individuals looking to create subtle dimensions, these 'diamond cut' pieces bring that aesthetic value.

Twigs and Corals

Nature plays a large role in interior design. Dried branches and corals can be sprayed in various hues and used as a wall décor. These raw ornaments bring the spirit of the outdoors in, while augmenting the space.

Clustered ornaments

When decorating a space with similar ornaments, ensure that it is in different sizes and various designs to ensure diversity. As 3D objects provides are in nature the similar in aesthetic value, variation should be introduced for a more interesting look.

Forthright Patterns

A statement wall piece can be made bolder apart from the colour aspect. Creating a multi dimensional aspect to the design draws the eyes to the focal area.

Functional Decor

Functional pieces can be used as a form of décor. Other than having a pragmatic use as a wall shelving, built in wooden storage can be a beautiful holder holding a bicycle, giving a free spirit look.