Colouring Your Space Green

Green, the colour of nature that exudes a certain feeling of calm and tranquillity. As a collectively harmonious colour, shades and tints of green is able to ease into many interior concepts. The versatility of green knows no boundaries.

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Brighter in Darkness

In dark schemed spaces, forest greens stand out exceptionally well as it acts as a mediating colour. Add a touch of personality with other hues of green from cushions or potted plants.

Accompanying Shades

Workspaces should be on that encourages and inspired. Greens are often used in such spaces to create a conducive and airy environment. Textures in a function focussed space can make it more interesting.

Effects of tiling

Half-wall tiling are traditionally used in kitchens and bathrooms. Light jade tiles give off an old world charm - nothing short of restful and soothing private space.

Murals and patterns

Some may feel that too many patterns in a single space can cause a design clash. However, when done so properly, it can a create an artfully layered space. The important thing to note is to have make sure that the patterns are in similar hues.

Almost blue

Some can't quite figure if turquoise is at the blue or green side of the colour spectrum. This colour fusion is one that encourages a sense of familiarity and a reminder of the tropics, making it suited for beach style interiors.