Bring out the Animal Prints

Animal prints are one of the few patterns that many may steer clear from. Known as something that gives off a flamboyant vibe, it is something that can be adopted to create a statement. Embrace the wild side by taking cue on how to that this wild design and transforming it into a tasteful space.

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Casual Throw

Throws and blankets are used to give off a laid-back and comfy ambience. When a space appears overly rigid, throws can offer some fluidity to the space.

Attention to the Floor

Most animal prints are found in the form or rugs. This statement piece is often used to round up the overall d├ęcor of the space. When used in a neutral or solid schemed spaces, animal prints can bring an added charm to the room.

Mixing Prints

Patterns are scary enough, much less mixing prints. One does not need to be afraid. The secret to making the animal print pop is the use of contrasting solids to emphasise on the intricate patterns. When mixing patterns, ensure that the accompanying patterns are of a neutral base tone.

Signature Furnishing

A well curated furnishing pulls weight in a neutral schemed space. When designing for a space that requires an added 'wow' factor, animal prints can bring an exotic flair to the space.

Keeping it Subtle

Walls make the majority of the design space. When opting to decorate the wall with animal prints, it is advisable to keep the colours neutral and design subtle. This is to ensure that the pattern do not overwhelm the overall design, while giving an edge to the space.