Library in Small Spaces

An abode fit for any book lover starts from having a section of their house dedicated to their obsession - books. However, small spaces mean that storage is limited. Smart design can help to negate the lack of space to one that can store all your classics.

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Overhead Shelving

Many times, the overhead spaces are neglected. Storage can be made out of arches. For one it can segment the rooms and at the same time, make use of space that are overlooked.

Almost ceiling

High shelving are especially great for spaces with high ceilings or narrow spaces. It makes use of vacant spaces while providing room for all other décor from floor up.

Recessed walls

Recessed walls are popular. In small spaces, recessed walls can be made into a feature wall that embodies design and functionality in one place.

Stacking against the wall

Wine boxes are useful to interior décor. Instead of having a run-of-the-mill bookcases, why not consider a wall of makeshift wine storage and book case? It makes for a unique storage solution without the expense of design.

Mixed Space

When space limited the creation of a functional room, the next best thing is to merge the spaces into one. One can wind down and wash away the stresses of the week with a book of their choice.