Decorating a Small Bedroom

With the majority of new homes becoming smaller, it is not unusual to find bedrooms in a fraction of what it used to be. However, a small space does not mean that the design is limited. Here are some notable tips and tricks to enhance small bedroom.

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Narrow Spaces

A narrow bedroom does not mean that the space is beyond salvage. The most important thing is to create dimension. Painting a darker hue on your walls will give in impression of a heighten ceiling, making up for the lack of ground space. Adding frames can also accentuate the same effect.

Rug are necessary

Rugs should not be forgotten in small spaces. Rug can be used to frame a room. While choosing a rug, its size should not overwhelm the space. Large prints on are highly advised as it draws attention away from the limitations of the space.

Bold wall

Do not be afraid to paint one wall in a bold colour. This pop of colour acts as not only a focal point, it adds personality and depth to small bedrooms.

Open up the space

A bedroom with large windows instantly opens up the space. A safe yet room maximising way is to keep the colours neutral. Natural light reflecting on light hues can widen the space.

Patterns and textures

Small bedrooms should take textures and patterns into consideration. Playing with these elements allows for spotlight to be on these design elements. While designing such spaces, it is important to keep furnishing to a minimal.