Building your Guest Room

One should take absolute care when creating a guest room. Much like one's bedroom, it should reflect a tranquil and relaxed atmosphere where a guest can enjoy the generosity of the hosts.

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Set up the lights

Lights are important to set the right mood in the space. Ensuring that the guest room is adequately lighted makes for warm and comfortable environment.

Create a theme

Like everything else in interior design, a theme serves as a guideline to style the space. While guest rooms are often suggested to by kept neutral to appeal to most, for the daring, one can opt for a dynamic themed space for impact.

Keeping tabs on amenities

Nothing says more about the hospitality of the host than caring for even the tiniest details of the space. Daily amenities are great, but do not forget about keeping the space fresh with flowers or scented candles.

Uncluttered space

A neat guest room allows the space to appear airy and spacious. An offering of reading material provides entertainment for your guest.

Quirky Pieces

D├ęcor can come in the form of unusual ornaments or pictures. Framing the password for WI-FI or a simple image makes for a great wall display.