Bringing in the Spring Vibe

With the advent of spring, it's time to rid the dull colours of winter and inject life into your home with the bright hues of budding flowers. From colour selection to plants, here are some tips to guide you into creating a space to enjoy the spring-tide.

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Blossoming Plants

The best way to bring in the fresh feeling of spring is through flower arrangements. Having a few stalks of flowers can instantly brighten up a lacklustre space.

Minimise Decor

Clear away all excess décor and keep things clean this spring. By doing so, it opens up the space and gives focus on the details.

Bright patterns

Spring is the best time to bring out bright patterns. Opting for floral prints are the usual choice. For something different one can choose patterns of woodland creatures.

Planters and cushions

Gardening tools are just the right décor for the arrival of spring. For outdoor spaces, incorporating cushion in linen also helps to enforce a causal yet chic space.

Some gold

Metals instantly perks up a space due to its naturally reflective surface. Gold rimmed furnishing can enliven a neutral setting.