A Space Out of This World

A place of endless charm and wonder, the outer space has been intriguing mankind for millennia. Bring this immeasurable curiosity into your space by incorporating stars and cosmic dusts. This definitely brings your interior to the next level.

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Stepping into space


Painting the floor has always been a novel idea. Despite its maintenance, having the galaxy painted on your floor makes for an unparalleled interior.

Scaling down


One do not have to go all out when designing a space. Confine this elaborate concept into a small area, such as this rug gives just about the same personality.

Setting off


The most impactful design can come into form of something small. Textiles can be a good way to translate concepts whether as a table runner or as a wall feature.

Counting stars


A bold concept can be made sophisticated by selecting subtle pieces. This constellation style light fixture gives an eclectic twist to this Scandinavian style space.

If Space allows


A large feature piece can set the concept of the space. Keeping it tasteful means that one has to find a feature piece blends harmoniously with the rest of the space.