Creating an Ergonomic Kitchen

The kitchen is a function focussed space in a home. The design of this space should reflect the lifestyle of the home-owner without the expense of efficiency. There are some tip to consider when designing your practical kitchen.

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Kitchen Layout

The kitchen layout is important when it comes to efficiency. While you can choose your favourite layout, do consider the space limitations as well as how easily you can get from one working area to the next.

Open concept For Entertaining

An ergonomic space also considers the lifestyle of the homeowner. For individuals what like to entertain, an open concept, island layout kitchen might be best.

Ample Storage

Storage space is extremely important in the kitchen. Overhead compartments and cabinets are great for hiding away kitchen appliances and tableware. Drawers are often suggested to gain easy access to your wares.

Good Lighting

An often forgotten aspect when it comes to designing, lighting plays a large role in a space. Apart from aesthetic value, ample lighting allows for work to be done efficiently and without much strain.

Consider Flooring

For home-owners who spend plenty of time in the kitchen, it is important to invest in a good flooring. Wood are often suggested as it gives off a warm appeal and is a 'softer' surface, preventing strain on the feet. A rug is an good idea to prevent slipping.