Statement Walls in Neutral Spaces

Most small homes are usually set in neutral tones in an attempt to give an impression of a wider space. Often times, personality can be lose with the influx of dull neutral hues. One way to up the interior style in neutral spaces it to introduce a pop of colour or patterns on your walls.

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More than words

Logophiles, editors or anyone with a fascination with words will absolutely love this feature wall. This easily DIY wall can transform any workspace into one fill with inspiration and encouragement.

Triangles and triangles

Geometry has a funny way of holding it's own in a room. Stylish yet with an edge, it reinforces clean lines without being overly stagnant.

Going back to ornate

Art deco has a pretty distinctive characteristic. Often elaborate and set in mixtures of metallics, it poses a strong feature wall especially when done so in a small entrance area.

Repeated patterns

Repetition can be monotonous. But when done so in a minimalistic way, it can bring all attention to that area. When decorating with such patterns, scale it down to a small area.

Intricate Detailing

Elaborate patterns are delightful when paired with clean cut furnishing. It acts as a balance between the two extremes, creating a holistic space.