Unique Storage for the Bath

The limited space of the bathroom means that one has to find ways to maximise the storage units in this function focussed area. Storage systems do not have to be boring, unique qualities can be added to enhance the design of the space.

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Multi Functional Facilities


For space concious individuals, a built in sink can be the answer to a small bathroom. It provides a space for your essentials.

Making use of odd angles


To some it is unfortunate to have an odd shaped room as it poses as a constraint the interior design. However, this very feature can be turned into a truly one of a kind storage area.

Make use of all spaces


Every space in the bathroom is precious as often, only a small area is designated for this function focussed space. Storing your toiletires underneath your sink is a way to fully maximise the space.

Picking at the walls


Recessed storage units are a great way to make use of wall space. This is especially useful for bathrooms that cannot afford an extra space for a storage cabinet.

Built in Storage


Built-in storage systems are not only ergonomic, but it gives off a well designed space. These customised units also means that you can create more space wherever you need them to be.