Delightful Nursery for the Little One

Welcoming the little one takes more than just preparing a space for the nursery. When decorating, one should consider what stimulates and create a point of interest for the little one.

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Stepping into the dark

Not conventionally chosen for the nursery, a deep blue space poses as an intriguing space. Motifs of animals and printed textiles can add softness to the overall space.

Float Away

Decorating a nursery to a fit a shabby chic concept takes more than just some vintage decor and pass-me-downs. Make the space unique with a suspended cradle.

Basket Cradles

Basket cradles are a growing hype. Creating a chic, homely nursery with a woven cradle, coupled with plenty of cushions and a large rug for the ultimate warm ambience.

Bright and bold

Bright and bold colours can definitely stimulate the mind of the little one. Balance out the strong hues by introducing neutral materials such as wood for a mellow space.

Sun and stars

One of a kind furnishings not only makes a space look unique, it has the ability to trigger curiosity as the little on learn about their surroundings.