Tips for a Comfy Balcony

The balcony may not be the main feature of your home, but this supplementary space can be an extension of your lifestyle. Whether you like to unwind to a good book or just enjoying the view from your place, here are some tips for the most comfy balcony.

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Lift it up with a platform

If you are looking to create a distinction from your adjoining room to the balcony, platforms are a great way to create that impression. Installing a grass flooring does the job of gradually introducing the outdoors. And nothing beats sitting on grass.

Swing away

Swings are oft placed as a decor in balconies. It is a furnishing of substance while portraying a casual vibe at the same time. Throw in a couple of cushions and throws for a cosy look.

In with the Greens

Plants have a hypnotic effect - in a good way. It injects a sense of life and freshness to the space. Selecting some of your favourite floras will transform your balcony into your very own safe haven.

Lying in Hammocks

If space permits, hammocks are a good addition to any balcony. With many relaxing qualities associated with the hammock, it is not difficult to imagine one winding down in it.

Chilling on the Futon

Tiny balconies should not be left out of a cosy retreat. Fit a small futon for a makeshift day bed. For a space with an intimate vibe, consider adding some fairy lights.