Statement Dressers for your Bedroom

To most, the bed is undoubtedly the main focal point of the bedroom. However, it is also important to have supplementing décor and furnishing to bring out the overall design of the space. Discover how choosing the right dresser can be a step to a more cohesive bedroom.

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Brightness in Monotony

Black and white are oft turned to, when unsure of how to create a understated, yet sophisticated space. While it is a holistic design in its own right, adding a bright and bold colour dresser can add perspective to the space.

It's in the knobs

Many do not realise that knobs on cabinets or doors makes a whole lot of difference on not only the furnishing, but the entire space as well. Selecting a right knob is crucial when creating a holistic space. On the safe side, select knobs with colours that correspond with the rest of the space.

Printed intricacy

A space can have more than one focal point. The key is to ensure that the pieces complement, to give an impression of a continuation of the design, rather than two separate features. Colours and patterns are the basic way of grouping statement pieces.

Downsize to the side

While dressers are usually used for storing clothes, It can also double up as a side-table. This however is only suggested for dressers than are on a small scale. Large dressers can overwhelm the bed if places adjacent to it.