Open Concept Wardrobe Ideas

The traditional wardrobe, dressers and walk-in spaces has been dominating the clothing storage in interior for a long time. With open concept design becoming popular, wardrobes are shedding their doors for a more casual take on the space.

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Leave it in the open

Small spaces means that a walk in wardrobe idea has to be scrapped off the design board. That does not mean that one cannot own a chic wardrobe space. Open concept portable closet allows for your clothes to be the focal point in your space. However, it is important to keep things organised to prevent a cluttered look.

Using up odd spaces

One do not need to wonder what to do with odd spaces in their homes. One great way to use the space is to convert it into a open wardrobe space.

Portable Racks

The best thing about a portable clothing rack is that it not only allows your things to be easily accessed, but also makes things easy whenever you decide to redecorate your space.

Cover it up

If you prefer your wardrobe to be hidden, you can hang a fabric to cover up your wardrobe. A slightly hidden wardrobe can give an impression of a larger space. This not only softens the space, it also gives depth to the space.