Designing with Statement Lighting

Light fixtures are one of secondary design elements in interior décor. Although it takes up the least percentage of the space, light fixtures can direct the flow of the design. Statement lighting should be the way to go for bold home-owners seeking for an impact.

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Impacting a Neutral Space

The best way to play up the design of a neutral concept space is through introduction of complementary colours and texture such as metallic. Hanging a large brass light fixture certainly brings all eyes on it.

Simple and Loud

Traditional and contemporary spaces are often filled with trinkets that has a story or two to tell. To balance out the space and yet not bring away the character of the décor, a simplified and large lighting is in order.

Clustering Lights

Eclectic spaces are usually equipped with bright colours or decked with unique décor pieces. To create an impact in a space brimming with interesting curiosities, one can bring the line to sight towards the ceiling. Hanging light fixtures in various lengths can boost that effect, as well as give an impression of a heightened ceiling.

Sophisticated Statement

Large fixtures does not mean that it has to look bulky or over the top. Selecting a simple, clean cut lighting can brings about sophistication without trying too hard.

Modern Extravagance

When a modern space is in need of a bang, the best lighting is one that is flamboyant. It can be a stand alone feature of the space. The thing to note is that the rest of the space should be toned down to harmonise the room.