Expensive Interior on a Budget

To create your dream interior takes more than just time and a good eye for design, it also means that you have to get plenty of funds to pull off. For the astute, here are some ways to create a lavish space at a fraction of the cost.

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Painting your Door


Painting your doors in a bold hue brings instant attention to the space. And when decorated with complementing décor, it creates a seamless harmony that is everything chic. To achieve this look, all you need is paint.

Put up some Fabrics


Believe or not but fabrics play a crucial role in transforming spaces. Light sheer curtains widens a space while heavy curtains gives a grandeur vibe. The fabric does not have to be expensive, but it is important to choose a colour, pattern or texture that best suits the intended design of the space.

Hang up a Picture


Large pictures not only decorate the space, but also great for creating an illusion of a wide space. Picture does not have to cost a bomb, a simplified poster or a couple of well coordinated postcards can also do the trick.

Getting into the metallics


Metals have always be associated with the impression of opulence dues to its shiny characteristics. When selecting metal pieces, try opting for a clean cut modern piece. Alternatively, you can also spray paint your existing furnishings or décor pieces.

Making knobs count


Despite its small size, a decent knob can set the vibe of the space. The best things about knobs is that you can change up the style of your space any time you want, without a hold in your pocket.