Fusing with Industrial Concept

The industrial concept is a design that highlight the beauty of each material used in the space. Unpolished materials such as concrete is often used to bring across the charms of a well worn space. For an added appeal, the industrial concept can be fused with various design concept for a unique space.

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True Industrial


In a full scare industrial concept, one can find the use of exposed piping in its full glory. Often greys whites and black are used to give off a used vibe. Fixtures in such spaces are usually metallic. For a balance and less static environment, tiles and a rugs can be placed to soften the space.

Eclectic Industrial


Adding a touch of eclecticism into an industrial space injects a certain brightness into the conventionally sombre looking space. A series of bright pop of colours bring personality and creativity to the design.

Lush Industrial


The luxury and industrial concept seems to be on the farthest end of the design spectrum. However, despite its disparity in design, the rough element of the industrial concept does well in toning down the pretentious nature that an opulent concept might bring. This results in a wonderfully subtle chic space.

Contemporary Industrial


Contemporary designs are often clean cut and casual. This style can bring some life into the usually stagnant industrial design. This fusion is best for a relaxed but unique space.

Rustic Industrial


The rustic concept in nature, is similar to the industrial design. Both adopts the use of materials that have an unpolished aesthetic value. The difference is in that the rustic concept has a warm elements to the space. While industrial style fixtures can appear harsh, the welcoming nature of wood turn the space into one that is hospitable.