Make a Bold Point in your Kitchen

The kitchen is often designed to give off a hospitable vibe. While light colours are a favourite choice due to its ability to last for the long haul, bright hues are a great way to show off the home owner's zest for life.

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Coordinating Cabinets

Coordinating the colours of your storage system is a simple way to make your kitchen stand out from the rest. For an interesting take on, you can consider to have only the doors of your cabinets painted. This is especially great for proud owners of fine china or table ware.

Ornate Walls

Wallpapering is a fuss free way to have your walls decorated with ornate patterns or murals. For individuals that prefer an added sophistication, tiles or mosaic are highly recommended.

Oversized art

With increasing small homes, more dining spaces are adjoined to the kitchen. To create a diversion from the size of the space, placing a large painting brings the focus away from the proportion.

Pop Culture

While patterns are often used in interior designing, pop culture images are a great diversion from the usual fare. This colourful design technique adds a personal touch to the space.

Patterns and Furnishing

Bright colours can be brought forth through furnishing. If neutral colours are the dominant colours used in the kitchen space, carefully curated furnishing can add a multi dimensional design space.