Balancing a Dark Themed Dining

Strong and sophisticated are words that describe dark coloured spaces. Most may feel that it can be overly intense for communal spaces, however, with a careful eye for balance, one can still design a room that can spark meaningful conversations.

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Equal Balance

A balanced design can come in many forms - in colour, arrangement or even through the type of preferred décor. A harmonious space does not mean that it should lack in design. Carefully curated décor items can help to enhance the space.

Inviting the outdoors in

A good way to minimise the severity of dark tones is through have a wide window that overlooks the outdoors. This design introduces airiness and softens the harsh colour.

Adequately Lighted

When trying to strike a balance in a space, it is important to make sure that the space is sufficiently lighted. This not only serves a practical usage, but light promotes a warm ambience.

Introduce variations

When one owns a space dominated by dark colours, selecting dark colours of different hues can give a perception of depth in the room.

Casual Furnishing

Selecting different types of furnishing can change up scheduled space. The cane changes how the dark hues complement each other. The outfitters kitchen blacks.