Bringing tropical elements into your home

With the coming of the warmer months, it might be a good time to bring in some fun with summer themed furnishing and patterns. Palm trees and pineapples are just a start.

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Framing Summer

A picture speaks a thousand words. Framing up an images specific to summer is a great way to bring across the vacation vibes.

Cushions and Accessories

It may seem excessive to have all your home accessories to be in prints reminiscent of the sun and sand. If you are able to pick out pieces in complementing colours and patterns, it can serve as well rounded design.

Bring out the Rattan

Rattan are pretty much synonymous with the resort and beach living. The whole house does not need to be decked out in a wooden fiesta, instead, having a few key pieces in rattan will bring out an effortless ambience.

Planting Life

Plants are essential to bring out the happy summer mood. For a low maintenance yet refreshing look, palm leaves are a good addition to any room.