Soak up the sun with outdoor bars

Summer means it is time to soak up the sun. With the bright weather, it only does justice to the season if one sit outdoors and take in the fresh breeze. What better to experience the sunshine than to enjoy it at an outdoor bar?

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Asian Inspired

Outdoor bar counters does not have to be restricted to the resort rattan style furnishing. Asian inspired, wood seating translates the same casual relaxed ambience as well.

Contemporary Beach Style

The beach style is overly used in outdoor d├ęcor. Put a fresh twist to this conventional design by polishing up the lose ends. Incorporate marble counter tops for a chic look.

Well loved Industrial

Industrial styled bars are a welcoming sight as it always seem to give off a welcoming vibe. This casual and relaxed ambience is best suited for small backyards.

Versatile Rattan

When one talks about relaxing outdoors, rattan always seem to pop into mind. This robust material is not only multifunctional, in that it can be used from roofing to seating, but that it can a versatile material. Whether you are seeking for a clean look or a carefree one, it can be used either way.