Tapping on Faucets

Interior décor is all about piecing together beautiful yet complementing elements of design together. Faucets are often overlooked when decorating the bathroom. Take into consideration how a unique faucet can change your idea of a bathroom.

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Contemporary Gold


Bring a sense of chic into your bathroom with this contemporary styled gold faucet. Crafted in a way that mimics the fluidity of water, it goes off an impression of understated class.

Concrete Nature


When nature meets modernity, a rugged contemporary look is to be expected. A metal faucet set in the shape of bamboo provides a seamless transition between the two concepts.

Vertical waterworks


In every sense of modern concept, this faucet challenges how look and workings of the conventional tap. Almost like a vertical waterfall, it reinforces the clean lines of the modern space.

Keeping to the functions


Minimalist spaces are not void of any design personality. Instead, it focusses on clean lines to encourage an ergonomic lifestyle. In such bathrooms, the faucet is kept simplified, but not without a touch of modern uniqueness.

Industrialised Comfort


There is something comforting about industrial styled faucets, despite its aged, unpolished look. The tarnished brass enforces an idea of a well loved bathroom accessory.