Following the Lunar Patterns

The moon has a magnified mystifying presence. Man's unceasing fascination with this illuminating natural satellite stretches to this very day. Be enchanted by the orb of night in your very own home.

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Framing the Moon

Bring science class back home with a framed images of the phases of the moon. It presents an eclectic feel that is weirdly captivating.

Chalking up Moonlight

The thing about chalk walls is that it can be personalised according to your mood. The phases of the moon presents an outer worldly presence in your space.

Scaling the moon

Set perspective in your home by have a scaled down version of the moon in your space. This wall d├ęcor focusses on clean lines and the nature of the lunar movement.

Grasping the moonlight

One does not have to fly to the moon when they can walk amongst it. With outdoor lights constructed to look like the moon, it brings a sense of wonder to any outdoor space.

Lunar walls

Wallpapers have the ability to set the direction of design in the space. With simplistic prints of the lunar activity, it captivates with its natural beauty.