Creating Luxurious Spaces: Marble

When one speaks of luxurious interior décor, marble is definitely on the list. This precious rock has seen its way into lavish palaces and home. Whether in slabs or intricately carved, this the material to impress opulence.

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Mixing Marbles

There can never be too much marble. However, do consider incorporating marbles of various colours for a patterned effect. This way the space looks multidimensional and more interesting.

Bath Counters

A popular way to bring a rich feeling into the bathroom is through a built in marble counter. This slab of marble is a way to bring a little class without much of an effort.

Marbled surfaces

An understated way to bring attention to the dining is through the use of marble as a surface. As guests spend most of the time at the table, the marble can be well appreciated.

Lasting impression

The use of marble as a kitchen counter has always been a trend. Hardy yet stylish, this versatile rock has the ability to blend with various design concepts.

Feature walls

Sometimes, the plain old wall needs some rejuvenation. This can be done so with marble. One does not need to cover all wall surfaces with marble. Instead install this natural wonder to an area that is to be the focal point.