Black and Wood

Synonymous with sophistication, black has been used extensively in spaces to create a sense of urban refinement. When black meets a warm element such as wood, one can expect a space that is welcoming as it is with chic.

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Contemporary Sophistication

Contemporary spaces are usually designed to give off a hospitable vibe. When doing a black and wood theme, try opting for a medium warm stained wood. This helps to mediate the dark hue.

Eclectic mystery

Eclectic spaces take in dark colours well as it emits a sense of mystery. When considering to use wood are your main furnishing, consider decor items that complement your wood stain.

Light Scandinavian

Scandinavian spaces tend to be adhere to minimal furnishings. When decorating around such a concept, consider clean cut wood furnishing in medium to light stain. Black hues should be kept to the minimal.

Subdue Industrial

Industrial spaces characteristically set in neutral to dark hues. Due to its casual ambience, wood in various stained melds well into such spaces. Black, however, should be kept lamp shades and metal frames.

Contemporary Flair

The black and wood combination works comfortable in modern concept spaces. Whether opting to create a spaces that exudes a feeling of calm, or to have a space of class, both elements work like a charm.