Embroidering Interiors

The fine art of embroidery takes more than just nimble fingers, but an eye for the bigger picture. Discover the various possibilities of incorporating this intricate craft into your space.

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Soften spaces


Embroidery is one of the many crafts that are time consuming. This colourful addition to any bedroom liven up the space and has the ability to alleviate any harsh nuances in the room.

Setting a focal


Intricate in nature, by hanging up an embroidery in main spaces like the dining area, it naturally becomes the focal point.

Making subtle statements


Embroidered table runners have the ability to make a statement without being overly loud.

Elaborate additions


Sofa and seating areas require cushions to fill up the space. Embroidered pillows, and throws encourages a homely and well-loved vibe in the space.