Colouring Industrial Spaces

Industrial spaces are known to be stark and daunting. Harsh colours and materials are often used to portray a worn and unpolished look. For those with a lover for rough edges but prefer something brighter, why not consider injecting some bold hues to your space.

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Include the Lights

Light fixtures play an important role in illuminating a space. By adding colour to an industrial concept lighting, it encourages a fun vibe in the space.

Focus on the functional

There is no rule stating that appliances should in metallic finishes. Colouring your appliance brings personality to functional spaces.

Blending the hues

When considering to incorporate colours in industrial spaces, opt for hues in the same palette for a seamless yet chic look.

Make it subtle

For individuals that prefer something understated, consider colours in the brown palette. This will blend in with the overall concept while making a point.

Minimal Colours

Sometimes, a single colour can make a strong point. Injecting a single colour can perk up a characteristically neutral concept.