Sequinned Interiors

If one ever considers to bring shine into their space, sequins can do the job just as well as crystals and reflective surfaces. These tiny and sparkly discs packs a punch when it comes to creating an ornate and luxurious space.

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Home Accessories

When you have a seating area that requires some brightening up, sequinned cushions are your best bet. It brings instant attention to the space while giving off a fun vibe.

Draping glitter

While it may appear excessive, sequinned curtains can give a space the proper regard it deserves. Consider sequins of the same palette for dimension and complementary hues for impact.

Hanging tools

Hangers can be used for more than organising clothes. Spice it up with sequins and using it as a décor piece can make your wardrobe an interesting space.

Statement decor

A bold art décor can define the design direction of a space. Creating a sequinned frame brings makes a strong point.

Featuring the wall

While it maybe excessive to some, having sequins for a feature wall brings perspective into the space. It has the ability to glam up the space, while giving off a not-so-serious atmosphere.