Elements of Ice and Fire: Marble and Wood

Marble is known to be a design element that gives off the feeling of opulence and excess. This coveted natural material instils a feeling of timelessness and acts as a neutral foundation to complement cosy materials such as wood. Discover how the cool marble comes in sync with the warmth of wood.

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A blending element


Finding balance is a delicate affair when it comes to interior designing. To mediate between the extremes of marble and wood, tiling can be added to the space. Apart from design elements, colours can be used to tie in the design.

Keeping the Scandinavian


For the warm minimalistic nature of the Scandinavian concept, marble can be overly harsh on the space. To mitigate that problem, marble can be de-constructed into a brick styled wall tiling.

A matter of colour


While most opt for a lighter shade of marble, the darker alternative can add a touch of mystery to the space. Coupled with dark stained wood, it will bound to turn into a space of urban sophistication.

Less is more


When it comes to impressionable materials such as marble and wood, the safe zone is to keep it simple. It is always a good idea to keep the scheme simple so that focus can be on the charms of the marble and wood.