5 Creative Wall Designs

Walls set the boundaries of a room space. While white walls are often reign as a default look for a room, 2015 calls for an outpouring of creativity. Here are 5 creative ways to spiff up the lifeless walls.<br />

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Chevron wood works


Chevrons are popular interior decorating patterns for wood flooring. However, design should never be limited. Extend this interesting and lasting design onto your walls. For accent, varying colours may be added.

Rack it, stack it


While wood panelling are gaining popularity as a form of wall feature, one should not limit the way it should look. While many opt to have similar grained and colour stained wood for consistency, using different wood gives off an eclectic feel.

Unpolished bricks


Bricks are known as an exterior foundation for walls. Recently introducing this rugged piece indoors has brought about a revolution and views on traditionally exterior and interior materials. When used together with a polished and clean cut element, it exudes a complexed balance between the extremities.

Chalking up


Kids rooms should be spaces that encourage their creativity and imagination to soar. The best way to do that is with the use of a chalk wall.

Going Artistic


A wall does not have to impressed with symmetrical shapes and patterns from prints and wallpapers. A freestyle wall painting or mural adds a certain free spirited personality to the space.