Fruit Themed Décor for the Summer

The summer is more than just the sun, the sea and the sand. Fruits, especially those of the tropics, are characteristics of the summertime. Enjoy the vivid hues that encapsulates the flavor of the heat.

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Hanging by the wire

Chuck away the typical fruit bowl. Make use of a hanging storage to show off the bright colours of summer through the fruits.

Imposing Illustrations

With wide open walls, hanging up large portraits can make for a good statement. Fruits are always choice for space that does not go out of style.

Lighting up

For the quirky, there is always the option of having lights in the shape of fruits. Interesting and without a doubt, creates a fun vibe.

Planting Ideas

Planters bring freshness from the outdoors in. Unique planters and pots can be used on its own or with plants. Either way, it gives personality to the space.

Ample Cushioning

With neutral coloured spaces and furnishing, one can consider using cushion in shaped of fruits to give off a fun vibe.