A Space of Character

An interior space that does not have a touch of quirk can appear too perfect, and that in a sense can give off a static feeling. It does not matter what type of concept your space may be, but placing something that speaks of your personality can make the space truly yours.

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Pieces of Collectibles


If you have some collectibles or a hobbies, why not showcase them in your space. It spells out that is special to you and adds a unique dimension to your space.

Knob it up


Adding a touch to your space does not mean that the d├ęcor items have to be large or create a statement. Changing little things such as cabinet knobs can be a subtle and chic approach.

Words that mean something


Some respond to design, while other respond more to words. Either one or the other, incorporating these stimulants can encourage a feel good vibe in your space.

Many statements


If you have many things that you would like to showcase in your space, find a common feature to tie things together. Colour, or in this case the use of frames can be a unifying factor.

Making it comfortable


Making your space unique to yourself can be as easy as throwing in a cushion. All you need to do is find one that reflects your personality or one of your favourite thins.