Tips on a Bold Coastal Decor

The coastal interior style takes inspiration from the natural environment of the ocean and underwater sea life. While typically set in lighter hues, bolder schemes can make a statement and bring the vast alluring ocean to life.

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Water Works

It is a trend to fill up a wall with multiple frames and artworks. Instead of opting for prints, consider a few water painted pieces for a more authentic space.

Simply Bold

Some mistake bold designs for being loud. For individuals that prefer an understated design, choosing a bold colour coupled with a simple design can pull off that same effect.

Symbolic Pieces

Picking out items that is symbolic to the coast can create an added emphasis on the space. A large statement piece sail boat d├ęcor can be a highlight in a neutral schemed space.

Detailed wallpapering

Wallpapering intricate prints are one of the easiest ways to achieve a bold space. To prevent it from looking overly gaudy, pick out a wallpaper scheme that complements the general colour concept of your space.

Strong Prints

Prints are popular when it comes to making an impression. As prints can be loud, it can be balanced out with similar shades of the same hue.