Updating the Conventional Mirror

Reflective surfaces are a wonder to work with in interior spaces. While it gives off a feeling of austerity, this design element is much used in interiors due to its ability to create illusions. Here are some of the most interesting ways to make use of mirrors in your space.

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Hanging a selection


Remove the idea of hanging a single mirror up to adorn your space. Opting for a few mirrors in various frames can give perspective in the space.

Mosaic tiling


Conventional mosaic tiles have the ability to captivate through its colours and artfully patterned design. Mirror mosaic have the same alluring factor in that it gives dimension in the space.

Windowed mirrors


Mirrors set in window frames subconsciously gives an alternative view of the same space. It also opens up the space just as open windows do.

Mirrored panelling


While many do not have the liberty to transform their height ceiling wall into on with mirror panelling, it does suggest a sense of understated opulence.

Brick style mirrors


Laying materials in a brick style creates a relaxed ambience. Complementing the hard nature of the mirrors, this casual design strikes a balance between the two extremes.