Space Saving Mini Bars

The fact is, not many of us have the luxury of space in our home. That does not mean that you should short change yourself of unwinding at the end of the day. There are some way where you enjoy a nice clear-cut bar without the excess

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Wall Space

Over crowding the floor space can make a room appear cluttered. Instead make use of the wall space by fixing up some shelving. If a surface is needed consider a stow away shelving.

For Decor too

Your vignettes do not have to be just a space to place your home decor. Liquor bottles sometimes come in the most delicate shapes. Making it part of the decor theme allows for some space saving.

Dual Purposes

Dining rooms are some of the most function specific space. If you have limited floor area, combining your bar area with your dining table can be a great space saving technique. What's more, it makes it easier to reach for the best wine and food pairing.

Spare Space

The space under the stairs is often converted into a storage unit. How about transforming it into a personal bar, with a counter and sink to top it all off.

Simple Cabinets

Conventional bar counters usually take up much space as it is equipped with a sink and mini fridge. A more space efficient way would be having just a mini cabinet unit to store all your liquor.