Artistic Pursuits for your Home

When it comes to the homes of creative individuals, their space is usually designed in a way that reflects their imaginative vision. If you happen to work in a creative industry or enjoy it as a hobby, perhaps this highlighting your pursuits is the way to go.

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Mannequins for the Tailor

For those nimble with their fingers, the mannequin is quintessential to the art of dressmaking. Even if you are not a garment maker, a mannequin makes for a great aesthetic.

Typewriters for Poets

Logophiles and bookworms will absolutely adore a space filled to the brim with books. This organised mess redefines the conventional composition of a space with the old world charm of multiple typewriters.

Cameras for the Photographers

Neatly showcasing your photographic contraptions can show a deep passion for the art of capturing moments. Add a couple of original photos, and you have a space worthy of a shot from the viewfinder.

Gramophone for the Muscian

Whether classical, blues or rock, this is the ultimate audiophile experience. Equipped with a vintage gramophone and a collection of vinyls to be proud, friends are sure to envy.

Easel for the Painter

Illustrating imagination takes time and painstaking work. Showcase your masterpiece upon an easel in the common area.