Tips on Creating a Woodland Themed Space

The Scandinavian style often depicts the characteristic of the woodlands. Designs that revolve around nature and typical woodland creatures like foxes and deers make up most of its décor. Create your very own sanctuary within the bustle of the city.

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Customised Cushions

The most effortless way to transform a space is through the inclusion of cushions and throws. For a woodland inspired space, cushion in shapes of animals or plant printed pillows are the way to go.

Feature Wallpapering

There can be no wrong wanting a simple yet personable space. For that, bring your living space into the woods with wallpapering of a timberland.

Tiled Effect

Textures are great to create dimension in a room. For a minimalistic woodlands look, incorporating tiles of birds in flight can act as a feature of the space.

Characteristic Headliner

Wall mounts have been a popular interior trend. To play on that without looking excessive, consider the use of antlers or even branches as a wall feature.

Branching out

Wood is an element that makes up the woodland style. Incorporate the use of a branch to hold up your lighting - that makes for a rustic look.