Recreating a Mediterranean Space

The Mediterranean has always been a captivating sight for reasons more than its azure sea. The relaxed lifestyle and carefree vibe has been a magnet for visitors all around the world. With some prime tips, you can recreate this composed and tranquil atmosphere in you home.

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Bold Patterns

Do not be afraid of bold patterns when opting for the Mediterranean concept. While it can be striking, it can be balanced out with neutral hues such as white.

Textiles and Cushions

The coastal regions are famous for their use of cushions and textiles. Often dyed or embroidered in vivid hues and patterns, these textiles are home accessories are used to accent seating areas.

Platform Seating × 990Search by image Арки

Platform seating is a characteristic of the Mediterranean. Its gives an impression of a casual space that is great for entertaining guests.

Mosaic Tiling

Mosaic tiling in various elaborate patterns are often used to decorate a Mediterranean space. Consider installing it as a wall feature for the most striking feature.