Getting that Chic Organised Workspace

An efficient workspace does not have to be one that looks static and feels uninspirational. Instead, a good ergonomic design can be the answer to a day of well executed work.

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Desktop Organiser

In an absolutely tiny work station, keep things neat with a desktop organiser. It encourages one to prevent clutter and keep only what is essential on your desk.

Wall Shelves

If you have a high ceiling, take advantage of the situation and install wall shelving. It allows for documents to be within reach. Dress it up with gold office supplies for a sophisticated look.

Wall Notes

Sometimes a notice board does not cut it. Install clips on the walls for an instant notice board. The best part? It can be taken out any time.

Makeshift Trolley

A small space does not mean that organisation is impossible. A push cart trolley is an interesting way to to organise your office supplies.

Cabinet for Everything

If your work area has the luxury of space, consider having a cabinet to store all your files and documents. It keeps things organised while offering a surface for some decorating.