Art Deco Style for Modern Interior Spaces

Do you love your old antique furniture and bold colors? Combining these with a few other elements would create the perfect balance for an Art Deco Style applied in a modern interior space.

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Bold Colors in Finishes

Try using a bathroom tile design in monochromatic black or white together with elements of Art Deco to instantly bring the art revival into your home.

Add Cosmopolitan Touches

Cosmopolitan Art Deco items such as this sofa portrayed in the image brings visual drama into the room.

Painted Portraits and Antiques

Add some ornate bedroom furniture, sculptural table lamps, finely detailed furniture and bold oil paintings to enjoy the Art Deco appeal.

Bold Geometric Design

Bold wallpaper that has a strong geometric appeal instantly catches the eye and is iconic for the Art Deco style era.

Exotic Wooden Furniture

Exotic woods like ebony, satinwood, mahogany and high-gloss finishes, rounded corners, and metal handles are also part of the Art Deco style.