5 Cool Home Technology Trends

With rapid changing technology, it certainly impacts the way we design our homes in order to simplify our lives and adapt to a high tech lifestyle. Here's 5 cool trends everyone will love in home technology.

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Create an integrated home that offers simplicity and functionality with a universal remote that controls more than one appliance.

Home Entertainment


Create a home entertainment room with superb sound and video quality for maximum entertainment.

Robot Cleaning


Forget about scrubbing, vacuuming or mopping your floors ever again! Bring in the Robots to do it fore you.

Electric Mirror TV


We are ever-attached to our TV's and technology that we are even seeing it pop up in our bathroom mirrors.

Color Coded Electronic Devices


Today's gadgets are stylish and made to match or blend in to your decor scheme. These Bluetooth speakers have wool covers meaning to coordinate with the room's colors.